Job installation picture archives

Installing an air conditioning “A” coil in a updraft air handler.


Here is a modulating electric boiler with a heat exchanger for the outdoor wood stove hot water. In this case, all zones in the house are low temperature so an injection pump is used to supply only the necessary temperature needed for the house through the use of sensors. An aqua stat is used for the automatic back up.


Please bear in mind many of these pictures are “during construction” and not complete. Here is a boiler heating system being built that uses an electric modulating boiler wired on Dual Fuel as the main source of heat. The gas boiler on the right will automatically turn on as back up heat when the utility company interrupts power to the electric boiler, all with no input from the homeowner.


Napoleon wood burning fireplace.


This is a hot air furnace duct work on a one level home installed in the attic wrapped in R-8 insulation.





Joist tubing clipped to the underside of a second story subfloor.


One method of insulating the tubing with an open floor truss.



24K BTU mini- split, heat pump head in a great room.  This unit can heat or cool this area of the house.

95% high efficiency gas boiler with a fresh air ventilator packed into a smaller utility room.

Wood gasification boiler install “almost done”.