Brassmaster Plus Water Filtration Systems

Brassmaster Plus Water Filtration Systems- MEGAbite Iron Filter



Natural and Maintenance-free Iron Filters

  • No pumps, harsh chemicals, or replaceable filters like those found in traditional systems
  • Long-lasting media naturally cleaned with water and air every few days
  • Cost of operation less than $10 per year
  • Insulated tank design eliminates condensation
  • Exclusive 5 year APM warranty for quick and inexpensive servicing

Whole house effective treatment of:

  • Ferrous and Ferric Iron
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (sulfur/rotten egg smell)
  • Manganese

Iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide gas are problem elements often found in private well systems. MEGAbite iron filters use oxygen injection to remove damaging minerals and unpleasant odors in natural, effective, environmentally friendly manner.